Celebrate the Year of Faith with Catholics across the globe … right here in the Wausau Deanery!

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Open the Windows and revive, rediscover and renew your Catholic Faith!

Fifty years ago, the windows of the Catholic Church were flung open by the Church Council. The Spirit of God rushed in and breathed new life in Christ’s body on earth. Vatican II, a three-year gathering of all the Roman Catholic Bishops in the world, gave Catholics a blueprint for living in modern society.

Pope Benedict XVI called for a Year of Faith among all Catholics, a time for everyone to discover, often for the first time, what Vatican II was all about … and more importantly … what it means for us TODAY.

Throughout our “Year of Faith,” the Wausau Deanery of the Diocese of La Crosse, Wisconsin, will gather together as a family to explore this topic. We pray that we will grow together, open our hearts wider and let the Spirit of God breathe on us!

Mark your calendars for these faith-filled, dynamic appointments with the Holy Spirit.

When We Are Open…

Faith communities in Central Wisconsin have so much common ground, human resources, and values to share. Open the Windows provides us new opportunity to build relationships among neighbors. Out of our relationships we trust new collaborative actions will emerge.

When We Share Our Gifts…

Initial funding for the Year of Faith Conversation and Dialogue has been provided by a B.E.E.T. Grant from the Diocese of La Crosse. Contributions by participating churches and individuals will make it possible to augment and enhance our Open the Windows experiences.

Use the CW-catholics.org website to offer your suggestions, volunteer help, or learn what being an official delegate from a congregation entails. You are welcome to future steering meetings too, as scheduled on the website.

Our best publicity? You… personally inviting others to Open a Window—recommend our website as an easy way to access current info.