Session No.1: A Window on the World

“Window on the World: The Gift of Vatican II”: In this kick-off session, we’ll be delving into a snapshot of what the Church looked like before Vatican II, a definition of terms and an exploration of the different world view. Bishop Sklba will be our guide for this dynamic event sure to spark your curiosity about Vatican II and help explain why Pope Benedict XVI chose to name the Year of Faith.

Window on the World

A Window on the World (1962-2012): The Gift of Vatican II

October 25, 2012, 7-8:30 p.m.
St. Paul Parish in Mosinee, Wisconsin (Map it!)

  • Definitions of terms helpful to our understanding of this historical life-changing event i.e. what is a council, ecumenism, etc.
  • What did the church look like before the Council? How did Vatican II expand our image of church?
  • How did we regard “the world” in 1962 and today? What are some of the lasting affects on our lives as Catholics?
Bishop Richard SklbaFind out more about Bishop Richard Sklba.